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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Goals

Erica Ashley-Faith, Hope, Love

Linking up with Erica Ashley again this month!  I'm so bad at setting goals and keeping them, but this is fun!

What'd I want to accomplish in December?

1. On Thursday, I had both my right and my left splits.  I want to be able to keep those, all the way through winter break.

2. Stay healthy through winter break with all the sweets and such!

3. Get some posts queued up so you guys aren't left with nothing!

4. Organize everything- my desk, my room, my dance bag, my calendar.  Everything.

5. When cleaning, throw some stuff away instead of putting it all in a drawer to be dealt with later.

How'd I do?

1. Still got them!  Was weird to go back to dance on Saturday without having lost much of anything

2. Check!  I really didn't go crazy with anything.  I think spending all day making them kind of discouraged me to want to eat any haha.
We also had sugar cookies and cupcakes (96 cupcakes to be exact).  Please note this wasn't even a quarter of the gingerbread!  I used my cutter from Kortney!
3. The beginning of this month and the end of last month were a little empty, but I think it was that way for most people!

4. Um done!  What?  I don't even know how, but I did.

5. I actually did throw quite a bit away!

What do I want to accomplish this month?

1. Go over my BTI parts regularly!  Don't want to lose any progress!
-I’ll start putting this on my daily to-do list
-I can also make a reminder on my phone so that I at least think through them before bed!

2. Get on a normal(ish) sleep schedule.  Going to bed at 2 am really isn't going to fly much longer.
-Reminders on my phone will also be crucial to this.
-Logging out of Tumblr after 9 wouldn’t be a horrible idea either.
-I’ll set alarms so I get up at a decent time, which will also encourage me to go to bed at a decent time

3. Do all of the Inspire Me Blog Challenge!  I have trouble coming up with post ideas usually, so this will really help.
-I’ll just keep doing all the posts!  I haven’t really had any problems yet J

4. Stretch, stretch, stretch!
-This will also go on my to-do list
-I’ll make a habit to start stretching when I get to the studio since I’ll have a good half hour before class starts.

5. Bake more often.  I have time & it's fun to bring food in to dance haha!

What do you want to accomplish this month?


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