Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Ever Nail Art Challenge!

So this month, I will be taking part in Erica's Nails and More 10 Day November Nail Challenge!  This will be my first nail art challenge, and I am so glad it is not everyday.  I hate to work so hard on a mani just to have to take it off the next day!!  It will be every 3 days, which also helps because sometimes I just don't have time with all my dance!  So here is what the "agenda" looks like!
I hope to get my Day 1 up before November 3, I don't have too much dance on Thursday and Friday, so I'll have plenty of time to get it done!
I am super excited!!  I have wanted to enter something like this for a while, but I never found time!  Hopefully I can complete all 10 days on time!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection

Holly and Polish is having another OPI collection giveaway, and this time she is giving away the Skyfall Collection!!  You should go check it out and definetely enter!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Skittles Mani

Hey Guys!

Today I am finally sharing my Halloween skittles mani from like a week ago with you!!

So here is my left hand!

and here is my right!


For my left hand, I had a pumpkin on my middle finger.  I did this by doing everything from the Jack-o-Lantern tutorial, but I stopped right before the face. 
My ring finger was inspired by someone- I can't remember who right now, but I'll add it in when I do.  I painted my nail orange, then let it completely dry.  Then I painted it green, purple, and black, only waiting 30 seconds in between colors.  Then take an index card with a zig zag cut out along the edge.  Bend it so that it matches the curve of your nail, then drag it across your nail while it is still tacky.  You can do this multiple times if you don't get the exact look you want.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jack-o-Latern Nail Tutorial!

The boring fading purple form my last mani was driving me crazy!! So I pulled out my oranges, a green, a black, and a tooth pick and made this!  It currently is only on one nail lol!

What you need-
2 different oranges- 1 should be more faded and matte, and 1 should be shimmery and brighter
a green, I used a lime, but a darker forest green would probably go better
a black or yellow, I used black, but when jack-o-laterns have a candle in them, they're yellow

1. Paint the whole nail with the matte orange, then paint vertical stripes with the shimmery one

2. Using the green paint a sort of zig-zag at the top.  This might be easier if you use painters' tape.

3. Add a creative face using the black and the tooth pick!

4. Top coat!!

Here you can watch the youtube video if you would prefer:

Thanks for Reading/ Watching lol


Friday, October 12, 2012

Spider Webs Nail Tutorial

So last night I finally got to Sally's and got some rhinestones so I was able to do my nails!
Here is what it looks like!

Here's what I used!

(I didn't use the paper with a pumpkin on it, it was just there so you didn't see as much of my desk lol)
1. Put a dot of purple in the corner of your nail, and do this to 2 nails, with out getting more nail polish on your brush.  Then wipe excess nail polish off your brush on the rim of the bottle and use the brush to blend the polish out.  You want it to look like it is fading, sort of ombre-ish. Do this to every nail but 1 on each hand (I did pinky and ring finger) Paint those black.
2.  Next use the black and paint spider webs on your thumbs.  You can use a tooth pick or dotting tool, I just used the brush because the tooth pick was a pain for me. 
3.  Paint a layer of glitter on every nail.
4.  Make sure you have your rhinestone(s) out so you can place it quickly.  Paint a layer of top coat on 1 thumb, then quickly place your rhinestone and repeat with the other thumb.  I pput my rhine stone in the corner where the center of the web would be.  Then add another layer of top coat, mainly focusing on where the rhinestone is.
5.  You can add top coat to the rest of your nails, or I used a couple coat of Goulish Glow.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kiss Nail Dresses

These nail stickers actually work.  They stick well, peel off when you want them too, and fit your nails well.  They also have a bunch of super cute designs from animal print, to rhine stones, to peacock feathers.  Also, there isn't any wasted sticker, the end that you cut off can be used on your toes!!  One con would be that they don't always sit flat which makes a big difference.

These are super awesome and I am totally getting more!



Monday, October 8, 2012

Trendy Nail Wraps

It says:
For preparation, clean and dry nails.  Warming each wrap before application with a hair dryer may help smooth wrap.
1. Choose the nail wrap that best fits nail shape, trim if neccessary.
2. Using a nail fil, file down at a 45 degree angle to remove excess nail wrap and shape to the nail.

To be frank, these sucked.  They didn't fit the nail shape well, and were extremely thick.  Even with a top coat, they didn't sit flat, which was irratating and led to peeling them off.

I definetly would not repurchase these.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wet ‘n’ Wild ColorIcon Eyeliner

This eyeliner was $.97 at WalMart and definitely worth it. I only bought it in 650D Purple/ Violet as the WalMart I went to didn't have a huge selection. Overall I am pleased with this product. It goes on smoothly, doesn't drag, and isn't too hard. It does smudge if you don't wait a little bit, but dries in about 20 seconds. The pencil itself is actually very long compared to others. The only con would be it is a regular pencil- not a twist up, so you have to sharpen which results in lost product.
I definitely plan on going back to WalMart and picking up a couple more.

I do plan on repurhasing.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nail Polish Collection

On Wednesday, I spent half an hour working on listing all my nail polish on the nail polish collection page, so I would appreciate if you check it out!! (:



Arbonne Mandarin Pomegranate Lotion

I just attended my second Arbonne Party last night.  First of all I love Arbonne, and being a consultant would be so much fun, but I'm not even legal to get a work permit yet. 

So our consoultant let me try the Mandarin Pomegranate Lotion from the Holiday Spa Set, since it was my mom's party.  It was amazing.  It was moisturizing, and not irrritating.  It smelled absolutely amazing plus, it has glitter in it and makes your hands sparkly.  It is very obvious, but if you look in natural sunlight, you can tell.

Overall, I love this and I would definetely buy it if you could buy it seperately instead of having to get the entire spa set.



Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saran Wrap Black, Silver, and Purple

What you need:
Black, purple, silver, and saran wrap!!

Paint every other nail black and purple, and let it completely dry.  Cut up 2 inch squares of saran wrap and crumple them up.  Paint one layer of silver over your first nail, then dab it with the saran wrap.  Repeat this alternating with black and silver, but make sure you don't do black on black.  Make sure you use the saran wrap quickly after, otherwise it may dry.

You can watch the tutorial on youtube here!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Nail Designs

Here are some of my designs so far


So finally it is October!  That means Halloween is right around the corner.  You may not be a crazy Halloween person, so maybe you don't dress up.  But, I can give you some cute nail tutorials, so that you can be festive and subtle!!

In the meantime, you might not have these nail polish colors, so here's what I am using, so that you can get them!

-Glitter (silver specs is good)

My orange and black are Wet 'n' Wild, which are BOGO free this week at CVS!!

Also, you'll need saran wrap and rhine stones!

Stay tuned for the tutorials!!