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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Arbonne Mandarin Pomegranate Lotion

I just attended my second Arbonne Party last night.  First of all I love Arbonne, and being a consultant would be so much fun, but I'm not even legal to get a work permit yet. 

So our consoultant let me try the Mandarin Pomegranate Lotion from the Holiday Spa Set, since it was my mom's party.  It was amazing.  It was moisturizing, and not irrritating.  It smelled absolutely amazing plus, it has glitter in it and makes your hands sparkly.  It is very obvious, but if you look in natural sunlight, you can tell.

Overall, I love this and I would definetely buy it if you could buy it seperately instead of having to get the entire spa set.



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