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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Skittles Mani

Hey Guys!

Today I am finally sharing my Halloween skittles mani from like a week ago with you!!

So here is my left hand!

and here is my right!


For my left hand, I had a pumpkin on my middle finger.  I did this by doing everything from the Jack-o-Lantern tutorial, but I stopped right before the face. 
My ring finger was inspired by someone- I can't remember who right now, but I'll add it in when I do.  I painted my nail orange, then let it completely dry.  Then I painted it green, purple, and black, only waiting 30 seconds in between colors.  Then take an index card with a zig zag cut out along the edge.  Bend it so that it matches the curve of your nail, then drag it across your nail while it is still tacky.  You can do this multiple times if you don't get the exact look you want.

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