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Monday, October 15, 2012

Jack-o-Latern Nail Tutorial!

The boring fading purple form my last mani was driving me crazy!! So I pulled out my oranges, a green, a black, and a tooth pick and made this!  It currently is only on one nail lol!

What you need-
2 different oranges- 1 should be more faded and matte, and 1 should be shimmery and brighter
a green, I used a lime, but a darker forest green would probably go better
a black or yellow, I used black, but when jack-o-laterns have a candle in them, they're yellow

1. Paint the whole nail with the matte orange, then paint vertical stripes with the shimmery one

2. Using the green paint a sort of zig-zag at the top.  This might be easier if you use painters' tape.

3. Add a creative face using the black and the tooth pick!

4. Top coat!!

Here you can watch the youtube video if you would prefer:

Thanks for Reading/ Watching lol


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