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Monday, January 20, 2014

Key Socks: Review

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Unless you're in the southern hemisphere (is Australia even real?) it's winter.  I don't know about you, but I prefer to not have my feet freeze & fall off.  That's just a personal opinion, though.

I love to wear these shoes.  Actually, they're practically the only normal shoes I wear!  I prefer not to put my feet directly in them, because that feels odd to me.  Plus, I wear them all the time coming home from dance and I really don't want my sweaty feet getting my shoes all gross!

"But, Cassandra!  They have these things, they're not even new, there's actually a pair that has survived and dates back from 300-500 AD.  They're called SOCKS."

Um. Excuse me?  You think I can just put socks on underneath my shoes and that would solve all my problems? Ha! No.  It would solve the sweat problem, and the cold problem.  However, it would also create a problem.  The "dang-that-chick-looks-like-a-dork-because-she's-wearing-ankle-socks-with-shoes-that-clearly-don't-go-to-her-ankle" problem.

So I got some of those small socks that don't go all the way up to your ankle, but instead barely go past your toes.  If you own them, I'm sure you know how well they work.  Meaning that they don't work well.  At all.  If I put those socks on, then put my shoes on and go for a walk, there is a 97% chance the heel of the socks will have fallen off my heel before I've taken 5 steps.  As much as I love stopping and adjusting my sock every three steps, wait-- I don't love stopping and adjusting my sock every three steps.

"Dang Cassandra!  You complain a lot.  These are all clearly first-world problems.  Some people can't even own shoes and you're complaining about your flipping socks?"  Please calm down, this post wasn't meant to be a rant, but to share with you the solution to my problems.

"KeySocks??"  Yes, Key Socks.  Key Socks are knee high socks with a hole wear ballet flats have a hole.  This not only solves the problem with my shoes, but also the problem you have with pretty much ALL flats and even some closed toe heels!

When I found the Key Socks website (check it out for yourself here), I was kind of confused.  Why the heck would I want knee high socks with a hole in them?  But, then I realized that they solved pretty much all my sock related problems!  They were actually on the Today Show (x).

Girls' pairs go for about $9.95 and women's go for about $11.95.  If you order online shipping is $3.95, unless you buy 4 or more pairs in which case it's free!  Plus, if you enter the code NEWKEY at check out you'll get 15% off.  $11.95 is pretty steep for a pair of socks in my opinion, but I think it depends on how much use you get out of them!

My mom works at Clarks Bostonian.  The socks they sell are about $12 too.  I thought this was crazy (and still kind of do) until I heard about their policy!  If your socks get a hole, tear, or shrink, they will exchange them for new ones!  I think that's pretty great and a policy like that would be great for Key Socks!

Katie & I both tried Key Socks and we only found one problem.  When Katie wore them without shoes, the part covering her toes kept falling off.  I don't think this is a huge problem, though, since the socks don't need to be worn without shoes any way!

Overall, I would give Key Socks 4.5 stars out of 5 and definitely suggest you get some.


We were provided with 4 pairs of Key Socks in exchange for our honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are our own.

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