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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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I told you that I did a little bit of shopping on Sunday.  Not much, but we were running errands and I wanted to grab some stuff.

We started at Ulta, for my mom actually.  She need more powder, but turns out Urban Decay discontinued their loose powder?  I guess they'll be launching the new one on Thursday, though.  Since I figured we'd be back soon I didn't bother getting anything.

We went to JcPennys next and browsed the clearance.  They actually have some really great deals going on right now.  I found this adorable bow top, but it was only in XL.  Of course I can't find it on their website at all.

I did go to the Sephora in Pennys though and get my birthday gift!  I wasn't sure if I would like the lipstick.  After trying it on, I love it!  Weird right?  I'll post swatches later for sure!

I probably won't even touch the mascara for a while because I currently have 2 large mascaras and 2 smaller ones (including the one from last year) that are all about half used!

I think I actually like this "present" better than the one from last year.  I really haven't used the highlighter much, but I'm sure I'll get use out of this lipstick.

We wrapped up at Target, with some basics.  We got chips and conditioner (Which I go through crazy fast.  Long hair problems).

I got a new sports bra, which I absolutely love!  I really like the coral color and I'll be able to wear it under that new leotard for a color accent.  Plus, it's super comfortable!  (and it's reversi
I also got more razor blades because I needed those too.  Yes, I'm one of those crazy people who still shave their legs in winter.  Probably because I wear shorts at dance every now and then.
I got this eyelash curler too.  I had one before (still have it actually) and I pretty much cut the rubber thing inside it in half.  That was the replacement too- the other had done the same thing!!  Luckily this comes with two replacements :)  I might even take one of these replacements and put it in my old one so I can have two.  I was originally going to get a curler from Sephora, but couldn't justify paying nearly $20.  This one was like $3 lol.

Last, I got this tape.  It's like washi tape I guess, but it is really just printed masking tape.  I have been wanting some for a while since I think it is prettier for adorning my walls with.


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