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Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Tips on Auditioning

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This weekend I'm auditioning for the ABT Summer Intensive.  I'm really just going for audition experience.  Here are my top 5 tips for going to and audition!

1. They want you to succeed.
     -They're not having auditions so they can critique dancers.
     -The end goal is to have people they want to accept into their program or company.

2. Stand in front.
     -How are they going to see you if you're in the back?
     -It may seem like a good idea to stand in the back if you don't know the combination, but then they won't be able to see you at all and probably won't consider you.

3. Be confident.
     -Stand with your head tall, shoulders back, and hands at your side.  If you are looking down and have your arms crossed you are closing yourself off.  That's not what you want to do!
     -If you don't think you can do it, why should they?

4. Look put together.
     -Don't come with your hair crazy. Use a hair net and lots of hairspray. You don't want your bun coming out in the middle of grandé allegro.
     -If it says you can wear any leotard as long as it is a solid color, you can take that one of two ways. You could wear black, navy, or blue and look professional, but possibly blend in. The other option is to wear a color like hot pink and get noticed. Either is fine, but if you're wearing hot pink, you have to be prepared to be watched.

5. Eat well.

     -Auditions are generally tough and sometimes physically demanding. Going to McDonalds for breakfast probably is not the greatest idea.
     -Eating oatmeal, toast, or eggs and fruit for breakfast will help keep you full through the day.
     -You should also bring water to the audition as you may get a water break. A granola bar or other simple snack for after would be a good idea as well.


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