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Friday, January 10, 2014

2 Truths 1 Lie

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Friday January, 10:  “The Side of Me Nobody Knows” – write down 2 or 3 secrets that no one knows about. Mix it up and write two secrets and a lie and make your followers guess the lie!

1. I LOVE breakfast food
I'll eat it for lunch and dinner if given the option, but rarely ever eat in the morning.  I really don't like eating as soon as I get up it makes me feel sick.

2. I live on a boat year-round
We stay at the dock majority of the time, other than a few weeks.  It can get a little crazy to have my parents, my brother and I all sharing the same space!

3.  I'm not good at shopping
I feel extremely uncomfortable shopping alone and even when I'm with other people.  I usually just look and only pick stuff up if I REALLY like it.  I hate trying stuff on too.

Which is the lie?


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