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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meet Linda

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Linda of My Life? Really!.  She is so nice and always an active participant of Five Little Grins!  It's great to see her link up each week :)

What's your name?
Linda Cassidy and I live in Ottawa, Ontario

How old do you feel?
Most times I feel like I am still in my 30's. although when I do something stupid or embarrassing I feel like I am still 12, and then sometimes when I get up in the morning I fell 80. I will actually be 50 on January 31st ( good lord I still remember when that seemed so very old)

When did you start your blog?
Technically I started it back in 2008 but only made one post, then I resumed it again in 2012 for about a month.  I started really going full tilt in August 2013, I consider my Blogversary August 15, 2013

Why did you start blogging?
Originally it was going to be a diet/exercise blog, then it was going to be an outfit/shoe blog because I was cluttering up my Instagram then I just wanted it to be a bit about all aspects of my life and what I think.

Is there a story behind your blog name?
It started as This is my life? Really and I shortened it to My Life? Really and it was just supposed to be an impact statement that this is really me and my life, no fibs, no fake stories , no edited pictures, just ma and all the awesomeness I feel happens in my life.

What are some of the blogs you read every day?
Living in Yellow, Two Thirds Hazel, Not like a Lamb, Venus trapped in Mars, Story of my Life, the Freckled Fox, Because Shauna said so, Because of Jackie Back East Blonde,  there are more but these are some of my very favourite ones and they all are what I one day hope to be

What's your current job & what would be your dream job?
I am living my dream job actually.  I am an Exclusions and Essential Services Officer with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the largest public Sector Union in Canada. I negotiate agreements with employers on what services are essential during strikes as well as which employees should be management.  I use to be a union politician and now I get paid ( very well) to do something that I use to volunteer to do.  Plus I have awesome benefits and loads of vacation. My spouse also works for the Union. ( up till 18 months ago we worked for the same component doing the exact same job and I loved it). The only downside to my current position is I no longer work directly with Kent and I miss that part.

What's the weather like where you live?  Would you rather be somewhere warmer or colder? 
It is cold and snowy and yes I would much rather bu somewhere warm and sunny.
I love snow for Christmas but that to me is from the 23-26
WE have been having a really cold and snowy winter not as bad as 2008 but close. Pictures show our house during the winter of 2008 and the other is my yard in the summer, guess which I prefer.

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