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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Sunday Currently


I'm currently. . .

Reading Trash to Couture!  I found this blog when I was on Pinterest, Friday and I love it!  Speaking of which, are you following me on Pinterest?

Writing up all my notes for finals.  I can't use notes on everything, but it does help to write it down.  My Literary Analysis and Composition final is tomorrow.

Listening This cover Little Mix made!
I LOVE it, but can't find anywhere to buy it.

Thinking about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland choreography.  Rehearsals have been going really well and they actually cancelled a lot of the planned ones.

Hoping my finals go well tomorrow and the rest of the week!

Wearing a sweatshirt at leggings.  I just got out of bed!
Loving the carrot cake we made on Friday, that Little Mix song, Trash to Couture, and that we don't have rehearsal today.  I don't think my feet could deal.

Wanting to go back to sleep.  I'm exhausted.

Needing to ice my hamstrings!  They're still sore from THURSDAY.  That class definitely kicked my ass.


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