Friday, February 27, 2015

3 Dresses That are Definitely Black & Blue

Friday, February 13, 2015

Travel: Chicago

Recently I was in Chicago to audition for a summer dance intensive. Despite living rather close to Chicago, I tend to avoid it due to the hassle of driving and parking. Not to mention the high cost of parking for a short trip.

I'm used to Milwaukee, so the difference in architecture is always interesting.  Since the Chicago fire wiped out most of the city's buildings, all the architecture is relatively new compared to Milwaukee.

Driving in Chicago wasn't as bad as anticipated, luckily it wasn't rush hour.  As a new driver, the first thing I noticed was needing to drive more aggressively if you ever want to get anywhere and you have to be extremely alert.  Pedestrians and bikers just randomly wind up in the street and sometimes the stoplights are barely visible, hidden within the supports for the El.

The roads in Chicago are definitely very different from Milwaukee as well.  Along with hidden streetlights, roads in Chicago often become one-way streets so you can’t always turn where you want to and often have to jog a few blocks over.

I'm absolutely in love with big cities, and Chicago is no exception.  Every time I go, I'm still mesmerized by what seems like endless buildings.  It felt like I was spending more time looking up than in front of me.

You can see just from the skyscrapers that Chicago buildings are a lot newer.  They look so much more modern overall, especially with many buildings that look like they’re all windows.  Milwaukee buildings are almost all concrete, so while the designs are very intricate, they’re not as stupefying from a distance.

I just adore the marquee lights and the overall iconic look of the signs.  We have plenty where I live, but they’re not well-kept and thus are falling apart.  They’re one of the most aged-looking parts of Chicago.

This trip, I finally made it to Millennium Park.  I've wanted to see the Bean for what feels like forever.  It looked so perfect it was almost as if it was photoshopped in front of a Chicago skyline.  Underneath, it’s barely like a mirror.  Looking up at yourself it seems like you’re miles away and all sound echoes which makes it extremely difficult to hold a conversation when everyone else is trying to as well.

The bean really just screams modern.  Constructed between 2004 and 2006 it’s something that would have never been built before the Chicago fire due to its complex design.

While at Millennium Park, we I got to see these interesting statues.  They were all only heads- no bodies- and there wasn’t any information on them that I could find.  The lack of information made them that much more ominous and interesting.

These also are extremely modern in their nature as well as style of art.  They’re definitely not something that would’ve been created pre-fire.

And of course you can't miss the river at night.  If there were just one thing you could see/ do in Chicago I would suggest this.  It was magical with the lights reflecting and the beautiful buildings in the background.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Mani Monday: Gradient Heart

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Valentine's Day is this weekend already!  2015 is going by unbelievably quickly already, but it's great.

I actually haven't painted my nails much recently (not at all in 2015) I thought it was time for a Valentine's mani.  Of course you guys get to learn how to do it too!

This is actually super easy, as long as you can do a gradient!

Start with a white base.  My favorite is Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  Two coats is usually needed.

Next, you'll cut a heart shape out of tape.  Stick the tape on your hand a few times to keep it from being too sticky, then place it on the nail, making sure the heart is where you want it and that there aren't any air holes.

Then, go ahead and do your gradient over that.  I did a three color gradient using a light pink, medium pink, and a red, but anything you like will do.

Add a top coat and you're done!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

DIY: You're a Sweetart Valentines!

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      I decided to do a follow up on our last post about Homemade valentines day cards. In the last post I told you which project I would be doing. Just in case you didn't read the last post this tutorial will be on how to make sweetart Valentine's Day cards. The cards will say you're a sweetart. 

      You will need to buy supplies from somewhere like Target or Walmart. I brought my supplies from Target, and it only cost around three dollars with tax. The first thing you'll need is a bag of sweet tarts candy. They come in many varieties of pack sizes, so you will need to choose the one that will best fit the amount you will need for your project. You also need a sharpie, tape, and the option of other Valentines. You may also want to get something to transport them in  if your bringing them to school or work.

       The first thing you should do is open the bag and dump them into a pile. If you do this then after you complete one, you can put it in a separate pile and it is easier to keep track of which ones are done. After you do this you're going to want to get all of your other supplies out. Once you do this you are ready to begin the process of making your homemade valentines.

        Now, take your bag of Sweet tarts and right above the word sweetheart, write you are a, and then it will be right above sweetart. It will read out you are a sweet tart. Next, you're going to want to take and cut a piece of tape. If you have another valentine you're going to want to tape it to your Valentine that you just made. If you don't have another valentine just write who it's from and you have the option of writing who it is to as well.

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       You're almost done. All you have to do is continue this until all of your valentines are done. Then, put your completed valentines in a bag and wait until Valentine's Day to see the bright smiling faces reading your homemade valentines. Happy Valentine's Day!