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Friday, October 12, 2012

Spider Webs Nail Tutorial

So last night I finally got to Sally's and got some rhinestones so I was able to do my nails!
Here is what it looks like!

Here's what I used!

(I didn't use the paper with a pumpkin on it, it was just there so you didn't see as much of my desk lol)
1. Put a dot of purple in the corner of your nail, and do this to 2 nails, with out getting more nail polish on your brush.  Then wipe excess nail polish off your brush on the rim of the bottle and use the brush to blend the polish out.  You want it to look like it is fading, sort of ombre-ish. Do this to every nail but 1 on each hand (I did pinky and ring finger) Paint those black.
2.  Next use the black and paint spider webs on your thumbs.  You can use a tooth pick or dotting tool, I just used the brush because the tooth pick was a pain for me. 
3.  Paint a layer of glitter on every nail.
4.  Make sure you have your rhinestone(s) out so you can place it quickly.  Paint a layer of top coat on 1 thumb, then quickly place your rhinestone and repeat with the other thumb.  I pput my rhine stone in the corner where the center of the web would be.  Then add another layer of top coat, mainly focusing on where the rhinestone is.
5.  You can add top coat to the rest of your nails, or I used a couple coat of Goulish Glow.


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