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Saturday, August 24, 2013

August Cara Box

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Cara Box

I decided to participate in the Cara Box hosted by Kaitlyn again this month!  This is my second time participating (you can see my first here).  This was the last time it was only going to be a month long!  The next Cara Box exchange will last 3 months.  This way it isn't so hard on your bank and you get to know your partner more.  The boxes will be about your partner instead of a theme!  That's how the August Cara Box theme was too.

This month, Kaitlyn paired us up with people in our "stage of life".  So I was paired with the 18-23 Young Adults, there were all different categories though!  But instead of sending your partner a box based off of a theme, you base it off of them- their personality and likes/interests!  I liked this way a lot more.  It was a lot easier to send things based off your partner, instead of a theme, at least for me.

I sent to Samantha.  She's 19 years old (she'll actually be turning 20 in October) and a Western Michigan U student!  She was incredibly nice and super fun to get to know!  Actually, she was in Wisconsin (where I'm from) for a dance camp while I was in Michigan for vacation, which was kind of hilarious!

I was also paired with Kortney, who sent to me!  Kortney was also extremely nice!  She's from Texas and is going to start her Master of Arts in Christian Education with a major in Women’s Studies in the fall of 2013 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Kortney is 22 and married, she actually just recently had her 1 year anniversary.

Kortney sent me the absolute perfect box!  Everything was so lovely and I really really liked everything in it! Since I live on a boat 7 months out of the year, she included some nautical stuff.  She gave me an adorable sailboat cookie cutter (that will be put to good use real soon for labor day), a "fishing" decoration, and a super cute little notebook that says "Sail Toward Your Dreams".

I told her I love purple and the my favorite candy is Swedish Fish.  So she sent my a big bag of Swedish Fish (that I amazingly haven't eaten yet), a purple rhinestone headband, and a hand painted and decorated purple "C".  She also included these adorable rose bobby pins that I will definitely be using to decorate my bun this year.  As well as note cards, a to-do list pad, and mechanical pencils.  The last thing she gave me was a very heartfelt letter.  Honestly, the letter of encouragement is the best part of these boxes in my opinion.  If you're feeling upset you can look back at these letters and see that someone who is just barely getting to know you cares.

I definitely appreciated meeting such wonderful people through here and I really hope I stay in contact with them.  I'm actually still e-mailing my partners from the last box swap!


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