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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sunday Currently

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Yesterday was my recital.  Personally, I think it went pretty well.  I love performing, but leading up to it is super stressful so I'm glad it's finally over.  Today I helped with the last show (my studio has 4 and this was the second highest, mine yesterday was the highest).  It's fun helping the kids with everything and quite entertaining to remember what it was like to have recital at 8 or 9

Today, I am currently. . . .

Writing just a bunch of blog posts for this month!  We've got quite a bit planned, so make sure to stay tuned!

Reading nothing, actually!  My life has just been so busy I don't have much time to focus and wouldn't be able to read more than one or two pages at a time.

Listening parrot go through her vocal range.  She has a cage on the aft deck of the boat.  She likes to spend her time telling the ducks and geese all the things we try to get her to say.  For some reason she prefers to talk to them I guess.

Thinking finals.  I can't focus on much else now that recital is over.  It means I'm almost done with school, though.

Smelling hair spray.  I may have washed my hair three times this morning and still not have it all out from yesterday.

Wishing I was exempt from finals.  Even though none of my teachers do that.

Loving the short break I'll have this week from dance.  I love dance, but my body needs a break sometimes.

Needing a really long nap.  I don't ever get much sleep though.

Feeling overwhelmed.  Today was the last time I got to see most of my friends from dance until September.  Super sad, but I'm sure I'll meet other people where we go on the boat.


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