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Friday, June 13, 2014

Evening on the Town: New York City Style

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Recently, Kendra Thornton contacted us asking us to put together a style board for her trip to New York.  Here's what she said:

"In only a few short weeks, I will be traveling to New York with a group of friends. While we are in New York, we will be staying at The Standard High Line Hotel. Our adventure includes plenty of wining and dining as well as other fun activities. When I go out to eat with my friends, I want to have an outfit that will be comfortable yet stylish at the same time. As I am a mother of three, I want this outfit to still have that sense of modesty. I am coming to you for fashion advice so that I can have a wonderful night on the town. 
One of the places we will be getting a delicious meal at when we stay at The Standard is The Standard Grill. It consists of a front café as well as a bar where we can get specialty cocktails and other drinks. Bright decorations adorn the restaurant as there is white oak on the walls and tile on the floor. A dish that I am looking forward to trying is the fresh oysters. I love seafood, and this is a way to get a small plate of food so that I can try several different things instead of being bombarded with a large amount of only one thing. There is a main dining area that has comfortable seating and decorations of red leather and vaulted ceilings. The floor is paved in copper pennies, something that I look forward to seeing. Fresh ingredients are used in the dishes. 
When I go to New York, I know that I will see a style like none other. There are several shopping centers, historical buildings and restaurants that I want to see. One site that I used to plan my trip was Gogobot. This helped with my itinerary during the trip as well as finding the perfect hotel in New York. With the right outfit, I know that I will have a dazzling time with my friends."

We're always up for a challenge so we designed an outfit we thought would be great for Kendra.

It includes a halter dress- extremely stylish and comfortable, but still modest.  We thought a large gold bangle would accent the black and white nicely and continued that theme with a black and gold clutch.  We don't know about Kendra, but whenever I'm out, we like not having to worry about hair in our face.  We thought this messy french twist put a modern spin on a timeless look.  To cap off the outfit, we choose these super cute booties, they're totally affordable and won't hurt her feet if she winds up walking a lot or standing at the bar.

Night on the Town

Charlotte Russe black dress

Buckle shoes

Henri Bendel black purse

Forever 21 jewelry

We hope Kendra likes the outfit we picked out for her- we're totally jealous of her New York trip!  (You can totally take us with if you want!)  Would you wear this for dinner with friends in New York?

♥ Cassandra & Kaitlyn ♥ 

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