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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mail Rant

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Steve practically raised me.  hahahaha

I love getting and sending mail.  It's so great to get surprises in you mail box and to see that someone had thought of you & spent time writing you a note.  However, lately I've had a bunch of problems with mail services throwing out or returning my mail which is frustrating and make me worry about sending stuff to penpals without a tracking number!

For example, last year we got our mail forwarded to a PO Box close to the marina so we didn't have to make the trek across town to get our mail once a week.  It was great. . . except for the fact they threw out our magazines as well as my VoxBox, claiming they weren't able to forward those items.  (Even though they didn't bother to tell us this when we signed up fro a PO Box and started forwarding our mail)

We thought we would be smart this year, and set up a PO Box here in Green Bay, but instead of having USPS forward it, we would have a friend check our mail, filter out the junk, then mail the rest.

We ordered Cards Against Humanity and had them delivered directly to the post office box.  Here are the last three scans.
     1. Ready for pick up
     2. Sorting complete
     3. Undeliverable as addressed returned to sender
The time stamp on these was within a half hour which I found super strange.  Not to mention the order- why would they sort it again after it was available for pick-up?  When we asked the postal workers why it was returned if it was addressed to our valid PO box they had no clue.  They insisted if it was to be marked returned they would have done it and remembered the package.  We talked to the manager of the particular location and she just yelled at us for voicing a concern and pretty much told us we were idiots, even though she was the one who couldn't tell us what was going on.

It was super frustrating because it was worth $50, but CAH agreed to send us a replacement for no extra charge and they were extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

Unfortunately, this all happened after I order pointe shoes and had them sent to the PO Box as well.  They never showed up at the PO Box, but incredibly, it wasn't the USPS's fault.  Somehow they were ordered as FedEx home delivery instead of the FedEx to USPS option.  When it got to the Green Bay facility and they saw it was addressed to the PO Box, instead of calling my phone number (which was on the package) they saw in their system that someone with the same name had something delivered to UWGB before and they SENT IT THERE.  So we had to call them twice (the first customer service rep hung up on us) and they were able to retrieve the package and we had to pick it up from the warehouse.

SOOO apparently we didn't get off any better this year so that's just great.

Have you had any problems with mail services?


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