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Sunday, June 15, 2014

My First Week in Green Bay Recap!

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Today is our seventh day in Green Bay.  It's been a crazy, but incredible week.

Monday: We were on the boat underway for 10 hours, with one short stop for fuel.  When we got here, we pretty much ordered pizza and retired.  Unfortunately it was pretty bad pizza so that wasn't a great first impression, but we're going to just pretend it didn't happen.

Tuesday: We took the dinghy down the river and had lunch at this place called Regata.  It was absolutely incredible.  The food was so good yet we ordered WAY too much and couldn't finish.  The ride back up the river was pretty rough, but we got back fine, after stopping at a few places to explore the town.  We decided to bike to see a little bit more of the town when we got back.

Wednesday: We biked the the Post Office bright and early and set up a PO box.  It won't be too bad of a bike ride to go check it.  We also signed up for a 5k and ordered CAH.

Thursday: We biked to a bakery which wasn't too bad of a ride & their stuff was well worth it.  Later that night we played Cards Against Humanity at the Marina bar with the bar tenders which was fun.

Friday: Friends drove up our car so we no longer have to bike everywhere.

Saturday: We went to the Green Bay Farmers' market which was super cute and SO HUGE.  It was crazy how many booths there were!  I got macaroons which were really good and are already gone.  That afternoon we took the dinghy down the river all the way to the first lock which was a fun ride!

Every time I use "we" I'm referring to my family and I.

All in all, I'm definitely loving Green Bay and am definitely looking forward to spending the summer here!

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