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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sunday Currently

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We were supposed to leave for Green Bay today, but unfortunately it was far too windy.  The waves were 4-6's approximately, but they were pretty spaced out.  We could have done it, but it wouldn't have been very comfortable and it's not always best to go out when you know you can't handle it if it escalates another notch.

On the bright side, it was great to have more time to say goodbye to everyone & we were able to help out friends who did all our woodwork for us this winter.  Anyways, we'll leave tomorrow and instead of stopping around half way, we'll likely just shoot to go straight through.  I kind of wish we could still stop- it will be a 10 hour run- but I'll get over it.

Today, I am currently. . . .

Writing this blog post.  It did actually start out on paper.  I love writing it all down before I start typing- usually if I open blogger I wind up opening Bloglovin too and then I just wind up reading other people's blogs for hours! haha

Reading nothing right now. :( On top of not having time, I haven't wanted to borrow books from the library since I wouldn't have much time to read them before having to return them.

Listening to the usual boat sounds.  I can hear the bird making wacky noises, the space heater keep kicking in, the lines stretching and retracting, and the wind going through the sail boat masts.  Strange how you get used to it after a while!

Thinking about everything that's *probably* happening this summer and how great it is to have actual events planned as opposed to having everything up in the air all of the time.

Smelling the usual- diesel and teak.  An odd combination in my opinion but that's boating, right?

Wishing the weather hadn't been so horrible today.  It was super cold and the wind pretty bad.

Hoping the ride goes smoothly tomorrow.  The waves are supposed to lay down overnight, but it will still be our first major run of the season and something always goes wrong.  Just a matter of how major it is.

Loving being done with school and finals and the stress of dance.  I feel so much more relaxed!

Needing to stretch or practice in some way.  I used the marina community room to do a quick barre and practice turning en pointe Monday, but haven't had much time when the weather is nice and all other times it's been pouring!! 

Feeling extremely exhausted.  We had people over on the boat last night to celebrate CJ's birthday & to say goodbye- and we partied hard & pretty late.  I'm also rather anxious for the whole trip.


Make sure to come back tomorrow for 5 Little Grins!  Mine may be a little late, though, so keep your eyes out! :)

♥ Cassi ♥ 

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