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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Sunday Currently (June 22nd)

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Today marks my 14th day in Green Bay.  I'm still loving it here!  We got a car last Friday, so we've been able to see more of the town.  It is nice not being limited to bikes and the dinghy like last summer.

I actually did a "Glow Run" last night which was pretty cool- it was a 5k with glow sticks.  It had the same general atmosphere as the color run, but with a lot fewer people which was nice.

I figured I'd do a Sunday Currently today since I skipped last week.

Today, I am currently. . . .

Writing nothing.  I did just finish writing a letter to Katie, though.  Hopefully if I find postcards I'll be writing a bunch of those.  No luck so far, though, which is strange since it's freaking Titletown.

Reading Handbook for the Home: 1973 Yearbook of Agriculture.  It's extremely interesting to read.  For example, people who graduated college were estimated to make $400,000 in their entire lifetime.  Oh how times have changed.

Listening the Ed Sheeran album.  I love it.  So much.  I can't wait to see him live in September.

Thinking about how I'll be in Madison in 8 days.  I'm super excited but also rather nervous.

Smelling peanut butter.  Not a bad thing to smell I guess.

Wishing this weather would last more than a day at a time.  It's beautiful today, but I'm sure it won't last.

Hoping I can get some posts scheduled.  I've been so behind since I've been going and doing so much. 

Loving being somewhere different.

Needing to stretch or practice in some way.

Feeling extremely exhausted.


Make sure to come back tomorrow for 5 Little Grins!

♥ Cassi ♥ 

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