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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cassese. . .

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You were born 13 years ago today.  We can't believe how long it's been.  It seems like it was just yesterday Katie was biting you for not hugging her (and you never hit her because she was your baby cousin).  It wasn't too long ago Cassi was showing you how to chill in the laundry baskets (your welcome for not showing you how to slide down the stairs).

Remember when. . .

You & Katie emptied her toy chest and sat in it.

You & Cassi were stuck in your tent in the basement for 2+ hours and you had a poopy diaper.

The three of us would always make forts in the basement & pretended we were camping.

You & Katie played in the museum fountain (and then got caught).

You & Cassi went to random bars asking for bottle caps.

We all made an "I think I want to marry DRU" video among others.

We made a "What is the Buzz" talk show.

Our random walks around the neighborhood.

When you and Katie were making mac & cheese, it started to boil over and YOU PUT THE LID ON IT.

When Cassi thought she lost you two but really you were just playing with tadpoles in the shallow area, we later caught a frog & Katie scared old people by setting it on the bench next to them.

When we thought we lost you (please keep your ringer on!!!!)

Happy Birthday kid.  We love you!

Cassi & Katie ♥ 

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