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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Goals and February Recap

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In February I wanted to. . .

1. Use my thera/resistance band to stretch my feet everyday.
-I'll keep it hanging from my door to remind me!
-It will also go in my daily to-do list.
This didn't happen.  It actually wound up in my dance bag, but I think that worked out better because I used it whenever I had time at dance.

2. I'll do 60 releves each day of the first week, 70 the second, 80 the third, and 90 the last
-This will also go in my daily to do list
-It's something I can do while I'm brushing my teeth or washing my face
This is also something that didn't consistently happen.  I did do these a lot, but I was never counting.

3. Clean & keep clean
-I'll have to start by cleaning and organizing my room, but it will be easier to do little bits each day
-Once it's clean, I can dedicate 30 minutes each day to straightening, dusting, and anything else that needs to happen to make sure it stays clean.
I got my closet and drawers clean (post to follow) and have been able to keep those clean, but haven't really attempted anything else.

4. Save more
-Instead of keeping the money from my birthday, I'll put it in my bank account right away.
I actually did this.  Everything I got for my birthday went right in my account along with money I got from my parents for entering all our returns/ deductions into It's Deductible.  I still have money from babysitting, but I haven't been able to go to the bank again recently.

In March I plan  to. . .

1. Drink more water!
a. I'll continue to bring water to dance because that seems to be where I drink it most.
b. I'll fill up my water bottle before we leave to go to dance so I have it in the car- it's a long drive.  If I drink it all, I can just fill it up at the studio.
c. I'll also start bringing water to BOB because if the water fountains are anything like they used to be, the water is either hot or close to room temperature and tastes like copper.

2. Stretch more!
a. Instead of blogging right away when I finish my school work for the day, I'll go straight to stretching.  That way I know I'll have time.  Plus I blog too much any way ;)
b. I'll continue to stretch before class at the studio.

3. Go on more walks!
a. Usually our thing with Katie is to go on a walk whenever she's with us.  Unfortunately it's been too cold recently, but hopefully it will start warming up and this month we'll be able to.

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