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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Sunday Currently (March 30th)

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Today is my last day of Spring Break from dance, and I couldn't be happier.  I've missed dance a lot!

Yesterday I got fitted for new pointe shoes, though.  It was so great- I'm really happy with the shoes I got.  The lady who fit me was so nice and really new all the shoes.  We spent about an hour going through all of them.  It was probably the most in depth fitting I had, and they didn't even charge us for the fitting itself!  If you're in the Chicago-area, you should definitely check out Allegro Dance Boutique if you ever need to be fit for pointe shoes.

Today, I am currently. . .

Reading Macbeth for school.  We actually read it aloud in fifth grade, and when I was in 3rd grade, that year's 5th grade performed it for us.  It makes most of it quite easier to understand.

Writing this blog post and many more for April.

Listening to Leverage in the background.  I've seen all of them, but it is really the only thing on right now.  Earlier we watched Wolf of Wall Street.  I didn't realize it was three hours long when I made the commitment to watch it, though.  What is with Leonardo DiCaprio and looooonnnngggg movies??

Thinking about how interesting tomorrow's ballet class will be, especially after a whole week off.

Smelling nothing really.

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