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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Used to Make Music Videos. . .

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Hey!  Happy Hump Day and Make Your Own Holiday Day!  This is also our 300th post!  Can you believe it?  ANNND we're only NINE followers away from 500 on Bloglovin'.  So many great things going on today :)

Did you guys know we used to make music videos?  Well, we did and our YouTube username was pretty interesting.

Our first channel was called BumbleBeeBuzzzBuzzz.  If you'r going to check those videos out, I would suggest starting with this playlist.  Personally, I think they're pretty good considering I was in 5th grade at the time and we didn't have a tripod, so the entire time I was attempting to line the net picture up with the last.

Our next channel, and the one we currently use when we need to upload something, is called Glowormiez.  I had let my brother use this channel for a while before I sort of took it back, so some of the first videos are very interesting.

I think the best video on this one would have to be our "Tea Remix".  Pretty much we video taped each of the elements involved of making tea, then used the sound to make a "song" type thing.  It was fun, but I do think we could have done better.

If we started making videos again, would you watch them?  Have you made similar videos?  Leave a link in the comments for us!

-Cassi & Katie

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