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Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Little Grins #24

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5 Little Grins
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In case this is your first week, here's what it's all about.  Generally Mondays are considered pretty sucky right?  Well, let's change that.  Instead of focusing on what sucks about Monday, we'll talk about what made us smile throughout the rest of the week, to start the week on a positive note!

The Rules!  (These are really just kind suggestions)

1. Follow your hosts: Cassandra and Raewyn!

2. Link up your post that includes 5-ish things that made you smile in the past week

3. Comment after you link up

4. Go visit some other blogs and make some friends!

5. Have fun, and don't forget to smile!!

My 5 Little Grins from this week include. . .

1. On Monday, my dad bought and brought shamrock shakes for all the girls who had a break before classes.  It was so much fun and everyone loved them!  It totally surprised me and was so nice of him- he even went to the grocery store to get someone soy ice cream since they can't eat dairy.

2. We got to start our recital dance in tap even though we weren't technically supposed to.  It's fun so far.

3. I went to the mall with Katie on Friday.  It was entertaining just walking around.  I can't wait until we move out to the boat and can do that all the time!

4. We had family friends over on Saturday to make ravioli.  We made probably around 400-500ish.  It was so much fun, and now we have ravioli for awhile.

5. We all went over to my great grandmother's on Sunday.  It was great to see all of the family again- we hadn't since Christmas.

♥ Cassi ♥ 

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