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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Can't Wait For Summer Beacause

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I can't wait for summer because. . .

We'll move back out to the boat and all problems seem a lot smaller on the boat.

I won't have to shovel the driveway (not that I am right not, but with out current temperatures it really could snow at any moment).

I can bike/ walk everywhere & there is a lot more to get to down town.

I can use the fitness room at the marina every morning.

My scalp can finally get a break from being in a bun every day.

Maybe the grass and trees will actually be green which would be plenty prettier than the various shades of brown we're currently graced with.

I won't have to make any more presentations for school.

I watch the sunset pretty much every night.

I can wear all my dresses and shorts and cute crop tops I have tucked away in drawers.

I won't have to worry about how long my showers are since we don't pay for the water.  (For the record I can shower- including shaving my legs and washing my hair- in 4 minutes)

I'll probably get at least a little tanner and won't look so pasty.

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