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Friday, February 28, 2014

(First Ever) OOTD Stripe Wrap Sweater

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Today I looked pretty decent (in my opinion) and I thought it might be fun to do an OOTD post.  What are my thoughts after making one you ask?  I hate Wisconsin and will not be making another until spring rolls around.

Our neighbors have two little sons who were watching us from the window, without their shirts on, and hopefully they were as entertained by us as we were by them.  My brother posing in the kitchen window definitely helped as well.

Sweater//Tank Top (old- similar)//Jeans//Boots (old- similar)

I'm kind of in love with this new wrap sweater I got on clearance at Nautica for fourteen dollars.  So much so that I got two, this one and one in gray.

Katie was nice enough to take these photos for me- even though it was freezing :)

♥ Cassi ♥ 

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