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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Goals

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Erica Ashley-Faith, Hope, Love

1. Go over my BTI parts regularly!  Don't want to lose any progress!
-I’ll start putting this on my daily to-do list
-I can also make a reminder on my phone so that I at least think through them before bed!
I did pretty well with this and haven't forgotten anything!

2. Get on a normal(ish) sleep schedule.  Going to bed at 2 am really isn't going to fly much longer.
-Reminders on my phone will also be crucial to this.
-Logging out of Tumblr after 9 wouldn’t be a horrible idea either.
-I’ll set alarms so I get up at a decent time, which will also encourage me to go to bed at a decent time
I didn't really set any reminders, but I regularly went to bed around midnight, which is better than 2 am right?  I didn't fall asleep for a while of course.  Then I didn't get out of bed until like 9, even though I was up at 6 and just responding to e-mails, texts, and on tumblr.

3. Do all of the Inspire Me Blog Challenge!  I have trouble coming up with post ideas usually, so this will really help.
-I’ll just keep doing all the posts!  I haven’t really had any problems yet.
I didn't do all of this!  I stopped about 60% through.  The beginning stuff was fun though!

4. Stretch, stretch, stretch!
-This will also go on my to-do list
-I’ll make a habit to start stretching when I get to the studio since I’ll have a good half hour before class starts.
I've definitely been stretching more and even using a resistance band on my feet!

5. Bake more often.  I have time & it's fun to bring food in to dance haha!
I haven't had a as much time to do this as I would have liked but I did do some.

In February I want am going to

1. Use my thera/resistance band to stretch my feet everyday.
-I'll keep it hanging from my door to remind me!
-It will also go in my daily to-do list.

2. I'll do 60 releves each day of the first week, 70 the second, 80 the third, and 90 the last
-This will also go in my daily to do list
-It's something I can do while I'm brushing my teeth or washing my face

3. Clean & keep clean
-I'll have to start by cleaning and organizing my room, but it will be easier to do little bits each day
-Once it's clean, I can dedicate 30 minutes each day to straightening, dusting, and anything else that needs to happen to make sure it stays clean.

4. Save more
-Instead of keeping the money from my birthday, I'll put it in my bank account right away.


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