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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Sunday Currently (Feb 2nd)

Good evening!  I've had a hell of a weekend.  Yesterday, we had out first run through ever for Alice in Wonderland.  Well, we were supposed to.  Although I was at the studio from 2 to 7:30 we weren't able to get through the entire production.  We had a lot of pieces to finish and put together.

Today, we were able to get through the whole thing right away which was nice.  We didn't have as long of a rehearsal today- it was only from 10 to 1, but then I had and audition at 2.  I'm definitely very sore right now and very exhausted as well.


I'm currently. . .

Reading nothing.  I haven't been to the library since BOB was canceled.  (I usually go on my way back home).

Writing blog posts!  Friday, I sat down and planned out every single day of this month and filled it with posts.  I'm pretty excited for some of them.

Thinking how hard tomorrow's ballet class will be.  Everything hurts.

Wishing I could have a shamrock shake.  I understand that if they were available year round, they wouldn't seem as special, but starting in February and not ending until April would be hella nice.

Hoping I actually get some sleep tonight.  I have a lot of live classes to go to tomorrow which kind of sucks

Wearing dance shorts and a long sleeve shirt- bumming it.

Wanting a doughnut.  (and a shamrock shake)  I'm lucky I dance so often & don't always eat what I want because I would be huge omg


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