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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I Was Listening to in September

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Each month, I make myself I playlist of songs I currently enjoy.  I listen to the playlist in the car, when I'm showering, waiting for dance to start, whenever I have free time really.  Throughout the month I add new songs when I buy them or when I find myself constantly wanting to hear them.  Here's the final result of my September playlist-

1. Stars by Fun. off of their Some Nights Album.
This actually wound up on here by mistake, I didn't realize until the first time I was playing the playlist!  I wound up really liking it though, so it stayed!

2. Get Lucky Daughters cover of Daft Punk
When I first heard this I fell in love with it!  It's great in my opinion.  Better than the original, I think.

3. Out on the Town by Fun.
The song I was really trying to add when I added Stars.

4. Wake Me Up by Avicii
Actually just added on Thursday night after we learned a killer combo to it in Jazz with a sub!

5. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.  Need I say more?  (The music video is ADORABLE)

6. Roar by Katy Perry
I'm really not a Katy Perry fan, but I do quite enjoy this song.  Would be nice if the music video didn't completely revolve around the product placement though.

7 & 8 Mashups I found

9. Love in America by JTX
Been loving this song since it came out awhile ago.  Never got around to buying it though!

10. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, Acapella
This song is honestly so much better acapella.  Not a huge fan of the downward spiral Miley is getting into, but the new songs really aren't bad!

11. Best Song Ever by One Direction
It's so upbeat and fun.  I'm not someone who is in love with One Direction as people.  I really would never go to meet them, a concert, or anything like that, but all their songs that have been on the radio I've absolutely loved.  The music video really isn't amazing though.

12. Popular Song by Mika ft Ariana Grande

13. Royals by Lorde
This girl is 16 and from New Zealand. Umm amazing.  As is the song.

14. Acapella by Karmin
I just love these two!  They're so adorable and it is amazing that they got their start on YouTube.  If someone could explain to me why she just starts eating toast in the middle of the music video that'd be cool.

15. Dance or Die by Janelle Monae
I just love this song.

16. Summer Lover by JTX
This song sounds almost exactly like Love in America.  I was extremely confused the first time I heard it on the radio in all honesty!

17. I Knew You Were Trouble covered by Ed Sheeran
I really love Ed Sheeran.  It's amazing that there are only 2 songs on here with him on them this month.  It's way different this month haha)

What songs were you listening to this month?  What do you think of the ones I've been listening to?


(Oh and after posting only occasionally pretty much all year, posting everyday 3 days in a row is pretty impressive for me.  Check out what a "Warrior Queen" is with Raewyn here and see what I got in the mail and how you can win magazine envelopes here.)

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