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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Really Don't Like Weddings

I'm sorry.

I really am.

They just make me extremely uncomfortable.  From the incredibly loonnnnggg ceremony (Well, the most recent one I went to was only 10 minutes, but the one I went to before than was almost an hour and a half. It just seems awkward watching them like it should be a private moment or something.  Then there's the fact that a whole bunch of people are crying.) to the wait before the reception.  I really don't know what you're supposed to do while they're taking pictures.  Sometimes they have appetizers and what not set out, but last time there were over two hours before dinner.  It was just weird having such a huge break.

Dinner isn't so bad and it is nice to hear some of the speeches especially because some of them are really heartfelt.  When dinner is over is when it starts to get bad.  I hate dancing in public like that.  There is a difference between being a dancer and being able to dance like that.  Why do you have to dance anyways? I would honestly rather walk around and socialize than dance.  Also I'm extremely annoyed be people who feel the need to tell you that you have to dance.

So that's it.

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  1. The only thing that I don't like about weddings is the dancing ://

  2. I hate the dancing part at weddings!! I hope I like the dancing part at my own wedding.

    But I totally agree on everything. If it's my best friend or cousin's wedding, then I'm like, "ok, I don't feel like I'm intruding." But if it's someone else I feel all awkward. I want our ceremony to be short, and we have a photobooth + appetizers for our "photo/cocktail" hour so hopefully it doesn't suck.

    I want mine to be so super casual. All of the officialness is awkward. Sorry you had an awkward time :(