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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Moving Home (AKA A Huge Pain in the Ass)

We slept at home for the first time since May last night.

That probably doesn't seem like a huge deal.  It really was, though.  Yesterday, in the afternoon, we took a few car loads of stuff back and forth.

I think it is a lot worse to move home from the boat, than to move out there.  Just because we have so much stuff put away in different areas since all the storage space is mostly hidden and out of the way. Plus, when you're living somewhere 7 months out of the year, you generally have more clothing and such there.  Luckily, I can leave my swimsuits, shorts, and some tank tops out there.

This means, though, that a lot of my posts will be shorter while we are still working on getting everything put away.  My Influenster reviews will be out soon though, so be on the look out for those! Don't forget to link up with Raewyn, Paulina, and I here!


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