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Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Reviews- Sarah Dessen YA Novels (Part I)

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Sarah Dessen is an author I've recently found I like.  I went ahead and read all her books and there wasn't one I did not like.  Her books are interesting, realistic, entertaining, and pretty amazing overall!

Her novels have great lessons throughout and she touches on tough subjects such as abuse from parents or boyfriends, teen pregnancy, friendship, divorce, and body-image.
Rating System:
Loved it- ★★★★★
Liked it a lot- ★★★★
Enjoyed it- ★★★
It was okay- ★★
Didn't like it- ★

This was the first book of Dessen's that I read and tried to read them in chronological order for the most part. I really enjoyed this book.  The story line was strong, as were the characters.  I think it probably was best I read this one first- it was pretty good, but not amazing.  It made me want to continue to read her novels, but I wasn't let down when others weren't as good as this one!

This one was quite different from a lot of the others in my opinion.  It focuses strongly on teen pregnancy and the importance of friendship.  I really enjoyed this book but I wish it was longer!

This is definitely one of my favorites.  I loved the friendship between Morgan and Isabel.  It makes me wish I had one like that!  Of course, the main setting for this one is extremely important as it shows up continuously throughout her other novels!  The lesson on body image is extremely important as well as that on friendship.

This book didn't progress very quickly or at all in my opinion.  I found it kind of boring at first to say the least.  Dessen was extremely brave to write a novel that has a message as huge as this one.  The huge message really made it better for me.  I think she incorporated it well.


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