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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

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As promised, today we're going to share how we did our nails for the color run.  We think this look is super cool and can be used for any style.

You'll need:
-Your favorite white nail polish
-A few different acrylic paint colors
-An old toothbrush you no long use
-Clear top coat
-Plastic grocery bag

Start with a white base.  It doesn't have to be perfect- most of it will be covered up- but, you do want it to be good and opaque.

Next, pour a blob of paint on a piece of paper or your plastic bag (lay your bag flat for this part) and get a good amount on your tooth brush.  Practice flicking it on the paper like Katie does in the video.  (Sorry for the poor quality.  It was taken on my phone in the hotel room with bad lighting)

Once you've gotten good at it, go ahead and start on your nails.  Be sure to wash the brush off in between colors so you don't get any weird blends.  Just as you would for water marbling, you can take your fingers off to keep them clean, but that's totally optional.  The paint peels right off your fingers once it's dry so it wasn't a huge deal for us.

As soon as the acrylic paint is dry, add a top coat to all your nails and wash the paint off your hands.

There you have it!  If you try this yourself, we'd love to see- share it with us on Instagram by tagging @cassipolzin

Stay gorgeous
♥ Cassi & Katie ♥ 

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