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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 Easy Steps to a Summer-Ready Body

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Warm weather is here!  (At least in the northern hemisphere)  That means it's almost time for bikini season.  Today, I wanted to share my best tips for getting a bikini body!

Step 1. Go to the store (or your closet for that matter) and pick out a bikini you like.

Step 2. Put said bikini on your body.

Step 3. Look in the mirror and marvel at your results!

Your body with a bikini on it IS a summer-ready body!  Weight, birthmarks, and anything else that are TOTALLY NORMAL FOR PEOPLE TO HAVE don't change that.  They just make your body different from other people's bodies.

Summer is only 3 months long, so don't waste it worrying about your body.  Be confident in your swim suit, or whatever it is you like wearing, and love yourself no matter what anyone else thinks!


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