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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Goals/ April Recap

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In April, I wanted to. . .

1. Continue to drink a decent amount of water. Yup!

2. Keep the bird cage clean. Yup!

3. Work toward improvement in dance.  I'd really like to move up next year, even though I just did this year. Yup!

4. Have a productive Spring Break! Not quite- I was sick :(

Overall, I think I did pretty well in April.  I even got a week ahead in a few of my classes for school.  A goal I didn't even have!

In May, I want to. . .

1. Finish the school year strong.

a. I'll keep up with my classes and make sure not to fall behind.
b. I won't rush through the lessons, but instead will focus and take my time to make sure I understand the concepts before proceeding.

2. Read more.

a. I'll actually read the poems for school.
b. I'll reserve books at the library and actually read them when I get them.

3. Remember all my recital dances.

a. I'll review them at home regularly.
b. I'll pay attention in class so I actually know them in the first place.

4. Keep up with blogging even through recital week & help Katie get set up to blog without being dependent on me to post it.

a. When I can, I'll show Katie how to set up her blogger account so she can blog on her own.
b. I'll stick to the editorial calendar I have laid out.

What do you want to accomplish this month?

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