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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We're Done Blogging

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Today is going to be a tough post.  After almost two years of blogging, we've both really grown to love it- the sense of community and all the beautiful bloggers involved always seem to make our day better.

Unfortunately, we both have so much going on right now making it nearly impossible to continue posting daily.  We've always said that if you can't give 100%, don't bother (unless you're donating blood).  It wouldn't be fair for us to continue posting when it would only be a half-assed post once or twice a week.

We're so sad to be done, but today we'll leave you with some of our favorite posts.

-Our very first post

-A tutorial on how to mail cake!

-Tips for going to an audition

-Our review of these fancy shamancy socks

-A summary of the many health benefits of eating bananas

Love always,

Cassandra and Kaitlyn

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