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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Cakes

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Easter is in only 10 days.  Kind of crazy- it was just St. Patrick's day!  Today is going to be a short post- I just wanted to share some pictures from Easter last year with you! :)

We don't really have any Easter traditions in the common sense.  My parents, brother and I don't really attend church, so we never go to Sunday Mass.  Recently, we haven't even been dying eggs or doing Easter baskets.  One thing we always do, however, is a huge dinner on Sunday.

Our (Katie and I's) great grandmother's parents had a bakery in Northern Chicago when she was younger.  They always made lamb and chicken pound cakes.  So, this year we brought them back.  I got to help make them and they're so much fun to make and decorate.

My aunt and I love the Hangover, so we thought it would be funny to decorate the chicken cake like the unexplained chicken in the Hangover.

The lamb got covered in coconut shreds and the grass is just more coconut died green.

Do you have any unusual Easter Traditions?

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