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Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Recap

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This year seems to have absolutely flown by!  It's already a quarter over.  Although, we haven't really gotten any Spring weather yet.  What's up with that?

In March. . .

I had dress rehearsal for Alice.  It was crazy running it without the choreographer there, but we managed.

We started to go on more walks.  Always returning with bright red noses :)

Poor snowman :(

I had tech rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland, and then two performances.  Both went really well and I'm so sad company is over for the year.

We had pancakes at Walker Brothers after the second day of Alice.  Yeah, the place she gets a gift certificate to for winging Spring Fling Queen in Mean Girls.

We traveled to a few different schools to have practice battles for Battle of the Books.  They didn't do too bad, but hopefully they step up their game for the real competition this Friday.

We celebrated my dad's cousin's 43rd birthday.

I did a little bit of painting.  Inspired by Pinterest.  hahah

Katie and I sort of made candles.  It was fun, but also extremely hilarious.

I got to start a lot of my recital dances too, which was a lot of fun.

Annnnnnndddddd, Katie and I enjoyed our Spring Break by watching like a billion movies. :)

Did you guys enjoy your March?  What'd you do?

♥ Cassi ♥ 

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