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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Sunday Currently (April 13th)

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Sunday already!  Kinda crazy.  Technically this week I have Spring Break off of school.  As glad as I am to have a break, I won't be taking it, but instead will be working through it to get ahead.  (which will give me about an extra week to study for finals)

On the other hand, my entire summer has been pretty much thrown into the air.   All though I have a good idea of where my parents and the boat will be, I'm not even positive I'll be spending the whole summer with them so that should be interesting.

This Sunday, I am currently. . .

Listening to the tortoise drink water.  Similar to the water dispensers at most offices, his has a bottle at the top that fills a reservoir for him to drink from.  As he drinks, air gets in the bottle allowing it to drop more water into the reservoir.  He drinks a lot at a time and it's extremely entertain to just keep hearing the bubble.

Reading Ruins by Dan Wells.  I loved the first two and this one is no different!

Writing another essay for school.  It's a literary analysis essay about Night by Elie Wiesel.  I have about a month to do it though, so I'm taking my time.  I'll be sure to share when it's done too.

Feeling sore.  I unfortunately haven't had dance since Thursday, but for some reason everything is still sore.

Thinking about BOB.  The kids did so well at their battles the past two weeks.  They're kind of disappointed with how they did, but based on the other teams they battled, it really would have been possible to do much better than they did.  On of the girls on the team actually made me a bracelet which I thought was so nice of her!

Wishing SNL skits were still funny.  I loved Ed Sheeran's performances, but the skits this season are as dull as ever.

Wearing a tank top from my favorite dance convention (I may or may not have gotten to meet Travis Wall (!!!!!!) there) and skinny jeans.  But, only because we went to Target for groceries.  Speaking of which, if you're planning on dying eggs for Easter, you can get a dozen at Target for $.99 and they have a $.50 off coupon available right now (text SPRING to 827438).

Needing to go for a nice walk.  It was great most of the day yesterday, with the exception of a horrible storm smack in the middle of the day.  It's just plain cold today, though.

What are you up to this Sunday?

♥ Cassi♥ 


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