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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just Kidding!!

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You probably saw our post yesterday about quitting blogging.  If you didn't, it's right here.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, we were completely kidding about quitting.  Sorry!  We really do appreciate your continues support, though and hope you weren't offended by the joke.  :)

So, in all seriousness, Cassi's mom or Katie's aunt was born on April first.  This means through the years, we've had many get-togethers on the first of April.  There's only ever been one prank played, though.  This was played by CJ (Cassi's brother/ Katie's cousin) and he totally fooled everyone.

Here's the story he told us:

"So Cassandra, did you hear the ambulance come to the school today?"

"Uh, yeah"  (There actually was one, but neither of us no why)

"Well, it was for (insert random name here, but we'll go with Issac for the rest of the story).  In art class, we were having free draw and he was using a pencil.  It broke so he got up to sharpen it.  It was really sharp.  When he came back he tripped on someone's chair and stabbed himself in the eye"

Gasps all around along with various questions

"Yeah, the teacher made us all put our heads down while she brought him to the office and that's when the ambulance came to get him."

We were all totally convinced until his mom pointed out he didn't have art that day.  He answered all our questions without missing a beat.  The whole "putting their heads down" avoided the visuals.

The funniest part is our art teacher always told us we had to hold out pencils upside down when walking back to our table post sharpening so that exact thing didn't happen.  It had actually happened to one of her previous students so I guess that's where the inspiration came from.

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