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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Goals/ March Recap

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I seriously can't believe we're already a week into April!  Hopefully that means Spring weather will be here before we know it?

Recently, I've been setting a lot of mental goals.  Like, "I'll finally get my splits back this week" or "I'll totally write and schedule all of next weeks posts today".  Most don't happen.  However, it's always helpful to have it written down.  Plus, know if I don't accomplish it, I'll have to announce so on the blog next month is kind of a good push.

In March I planned  to. . .

1. Drink more water!
a. I'll continue to bring water to dance because that seems to be where I drink it most.
b. I'll fill up my water bottle before we leave to go to dance so I have it in the car- it's a long drive.  If I drink it all, I can just fill it up at the studio.
c. I'll also start bringing water to BOB because if the water fountains are anything like they used to be, the water is either hot or close to room temperature and tastes like copper.

I did drink more water, but I didn't really bring water anywhere but dance.  It really is a royal pain to bring it!  Do you have any tips for drinking more water?

2. Stretch more!
a. Instead of blogging right away when I finish my school work for the day, I'll go straight to stretching.  That way I know I'll have time.  Plus I blog too much any way ;)
b. I'll continue to stretch before class at the studio.

I actually did stretch quite a bit.  Although, it was mostly at the studio.  After school I did a lot of crunches (and during school- more on that tomorrow) and some blogilates.

3. Go on more walks!
a. Usually our thing with Katie is to go on a walk whenever she's with us.  Unfortunately it's been too cold recently, but hopefully it will start warming up and this month we'll be able to.

We went on a few but most of the time, Midwest weather was like "Ah hell nah, you ain't going on a walk today!"

In April, I'd like to. . .

1. Continue to drink a decent amount of water.

2. Keep the bird cage clean.

Birds make a huge mess.  From shitting literally every half hour to tossing all their food on the ground, the cage gets pretty messy pretty quick.

a. To minimize the mess, I will make sure her food dish isn't overly full- then she just throws it, plus it's extremely wasteful.

b. I'll also make sure she isn't given a ton a paper which just gets shredded everywhere.

c. Finally, I'll clean it once a week so it doesn't get horrible.

3. Work toward improvement in dance.  I'd really like to move up next year, even though I just did this year.

a. I'll push further in class, even when I feel like giving up.

b. I'll continue to stretch at home.  It definitely helps a lot.

c. I'll work on all my recital dances at home regularly so I don't forget anything.

4. Have a productive Spring Break!

I have Spring Break off of school next week.

a. To make sure I stay fit, (I'll still have dance too) I'll carve out time to stretch and do Blogilates each day.

b. I'll do a few school lessons each day, just to get a few days ahead.  If I do so now, it will make finals week much less stressful.

That's about it!  What are your goals for this month?


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