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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Sunday Currently


Today I woke up around eleven and then went straight to shoveling.  Oh Wisconsin.  Yesterday, I was super, super, super happy because I got these wristbands from Raewyn!  I love them so much and I can't wait to give Katie her's as well as her card!  I'm so happy to be linking up with Lauren for the third time!

I'm currently. . .

Reading Champion by Marie Lu.  I finally got a hold of it at the library!  (Although I may have started reading it at a B&N since I just couldn't wait).  I also just finished Eleanor & Park which I thought was extremely good.

Writing a few different blog posts.  I'm trying to get queued up through January!  Hopefully that will make things a teensy bit less stressful.  If you're interested in guest posting, shoot us an e-mail!

Listening to Spotify!  The ads are starting to get a little annoying though.  I might finally get a premium membership.  However, if you don't yet have Spotify and want a free 30-day trial of premium, let me know and I can give you my link and we'll both get a month free!

Thinking about lunch.  It's already one and I haven't eaten anything but a banana yet.

Smelling the pineapple all over my hands.  We cut two up so we could dehydrate them and even after washing my hands twice I can still smell it.  Oh well!

Wishing I had rehearsal this weekend!  It was so weird to just have one weekend and now we won't have it again until January fourth and fifth.  Definitely not looking forward to two whole weeks off of dance!

Hoping it doesn't snow all day.  Snow is great and it can be very pretty, but it is also quite the nuisance.  The roads are already pretty scary and covered with ice.

Wearing my sweatshirt from Hollywood Vibe and "Walking Pants".  I got these "Walking Pants" at old navy four or five years ago.  I don't get why they're called walking pants instead of yoga pants, however I find it humorous.  Mostly because yoga only gets done in yoga pants about 4% of the times they're worn.

Loving that Christmas is this week!  It has totally snuck up on me this year.  I was still making and buying presents on Friday.  Plus, there are a bunch I still haven't wrapped!  Ahh

Wanting some pomegranate tea.  However, I finished all of it a long time ago and haven't bought anymore as I can't find the same brand again.  Ugh

Needing to stretch!  I've worked so hard on my flexibility this year and I definitely don't want to lose any over break.

Feeling quite exhausted.  Although I got out of bed at eleven, I had not slept until eleven and I definitely did not fall asleep at a reasonable time in the first place.

Clicking through my Bloglovin' feed.  Have to catch up on everything!

Have an absolutely beautiful Sunday!  Don't forget to smile so you can come back & link-up your Five Little Grins tomorrow!


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