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Saturday, November 16, 2013

October Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Blog every day in October (I've never done this for any other month, but so far it is going surprisingly well!) Success!  I wound up posting 39 times in October!
  • Stay on track, if not ahead for school Success!  Not behind at all!
  • Finally break in my pointe shoes This still hasn't happened, but they're starting to die, so I'm thinking it isn't possible.  Thankfully I'm going in for a fitting soon!
  • Actually paint my nails (or at least my toe nails) Success! I painted my nails twice but they're back to plain because I took the nail polish off.  Whoops
  • Wake up at 7:30-8ish regularly, if not earlier Success! This happened during the week, but I was up around 6 on the weekends. . .
  • Start writing more Didn't really happen
  • Continue writing down my 'Top 5' for each day before I go to bed Yeah, this didn't happen
  • Send an awesome letter for this month's Post Exchange! Success!  Well, I think so!  I haven't heard back from Jillian at all!
  • Finally figure out a good layout for my blog I don't even know what I want anymore!

Sorry it's so late!

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