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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cra-Z-Loom Review

I think the crazy loom is good for children eight and up, or younger with adult assistance.  I think it is hard and confusing for little kids, but as you practice you get better.  For me it only took two times, but it can take longer for some people to catch on.  The really bad thing about this to me is the bands or the S clips break easily, this is why it isn't good for little children- definitely not under four.  Also, you can only make the ones in the book because of the type of loom.  Plus, the loom is semi- expensive.  The good part is as you get used to it, it's easy, fun, and fast; you can make a lot of them in a little time.  I would recommend other looms if you're looking into purchasing.  A loom that is better is the Rainbow Loom.  Lots of my friends have it and you get more bands, it is easy, fast, and even fun.  The bands in Rainbow Loom are more durable, there are a lot more of the,, they have C clips that don't break, and it is cheaper.  There are also ones at other places, but I have not tried them so I can't say how good or durable they are.  So overall, I give Rainbow Loom *** out of five stars.


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