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Friday, November 29, 2013

My Week

Monday it snowed.  We got a lot more than this and I wound up actually shoveling.

Tuesday I made this gift tag from a magazine page.  It goes with all my envelopes! :)

The back

Picked up Allegiant on Tuesday.  Only about half-way through it, but I just read some on Wednesday.

Went shopping on Wednesday.  These are a few of our interesting(?) finds.   This was at Charlotte Russe.  It sparkles.

Ohh good.  Just the kind of leggings I was looking for??

I helped make bread on Wednesday night, late into Thursday morning.

Thursday we actually cooked the dough.  These were cornbread muffins,

These were cranberry-wheat rolls,

Sweet potato rolls,

This is all bread (with the exception of the pumpkins)
The kitchen after I finished cleaning this morning.
How was your week and your holiday?  If you're shopping today, stay safe!  Katie is currently in Florida, but look forward to an update and some stories from her when she gets back. :)


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