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Monday, January 12, 2015

Top 5 Cons of Wearing Glasses

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We've both had glasses for quite a long time.  If you have glasses, you know the feeling of realizing you should be able to see the leaves on trees, among the other struggles of wearing glasses.  So you can probably relate to at least some of these.

Glasses struggle problems

1. Drastic temperature changes leave you blind.
When you walk into your warm house from being out in the cold your lenses get crazy foggy.  Happens with hot drinks too.  You'll probably wait to see if it will return to normal, but of course it won't so you'll be forced to wipe them off. ugh

2. The rain.  And snow.
When walking in the snow or rain, your glasses get covered, even if you're under an umbrella the whole time.  Lens size windshield wipers would be nice. . .

3. Driving at night.
Glare. Glare everywhere.  Then there's driving at night in the rain and you might as well be at a freaking laser show jeez.

4. Laying down.
Sometimes laying down is the best way to watching TV.  But glasses cause this to be difficult and often painful.  However, if you take your glasses off you won't be able to see the show.  Then, if you accidentally fall asleep with your glasses on, they're going to be quite out of shape.

5. Taking pictures.
Even professionals can't always avoid getting the glare glasses cause with flash.  Be prepared to attempt to tilt your head at every angle possible to avoid it?

Do you struggle with any of these?

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