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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On Interviewing Our Great Grandmother

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We remember always having to do those annoying projects for school where you have to interview your family, but the questions were never any good.  So, we decided to interview our great grandmother, but this time ask our own questions.

C & K: What is your full name?

Jacqueline Marie Farella-err wrong answer- Gibson

C & K: What is your earliest memory?

Oh lord!  Climbing up the stairs of my grandmother's house.  This was in Chicago

C & K: What is your favorite memory with Cassandra and Kaitlyn?

When Kaitlyn was a baby.  She was really cute.  And she pinched Cassese.  He was 1 and she was 2.  Wait no.  She was 1 and he was 2.  Sitting side by side and she pinched him and he screamed!

And Cassandra. I remember that there was 2 babies.  Angie was born first.  Cassandra looked like a baby doll and Angie was the momma doll.  They were the cutest babies!  I never had an ugly baby.

C & K: Tell us about your ancestors.

Which one do you want to know about?  Your great great grandfather Don Pape Cassese?  Great-great-great?  He was very tall.  Good looking  That's who CJ is named after.  It was always a last name, never a first.  Such a beautiful name.

C & K: What did you enjoy most about having the bakery?

Oh that it closed!  There was a lot of beautiful memories because the kids were all there. [What was your least favorite memory?] I wish I could've been home more with my daughter who couldn't be there with her allergy.

C & K: If you could visit anywhere, where would it be?  Why?

I would rather be just where I'm at because my children are all here.

C & K: If you could share only one piece of advice with girls our age what would it be?

Oh no drugs.  Definitely.  Sex, that's okay.  Well, not for them.  Don't ever be afraid of sex.  Sex is not the worst thing.  Drugs are the worst thing.  Once you get to 18 and start drinking, [The drinking age is 21. . .] Oh yeah, 21.  Well, you don't want to over drink.

We had so much fun interviewing our grandmother with our own questions.  We're just happy to be able to learn so much from her.

-Cassi and Katie

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