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Friday, January 2, 2015

Cassi's 2015 New Years' Resolutions

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I make goals at the beginning of every month and usually post them here.  It's so much more encouraging because if I don't accomplish my goals I have to admit it here.  With that in mind, I'll be giving a resolution update with my goals post.

New Years 2015 Resolutions Goals Cassandra Polzin

I've also noticed how easy it is to make a bunch of goals and then do nothing to accomplish them.  So, along with each goal and resolution, I'll be creating a mini "plan of action" so I can achieve it.

On to my resolutions. . .

1. Get rid of the negative- end toxic relations and don't do things I don't enjoy or associate with people I don't like.
     I'll stop doing stuff because I think it will impress people or make them like me and I'll continue to do things I enjoy, even if it isn't "cool".  Then I'll surround myself with people whose company I enjoy.

2. Write more letters- I really enjoy sending and receiving mail, especially when it isn't college packets.
     I'll keep writing to my current pen pals and hopefully find more.  I won't write with an expectation to get something back.  I will also start sending out thank you notes for Christmas presents, birthday presents, and just small things people do for me.

3. Keep up with this blog- I love blogging, but lately I've been putting it last.
     I will keep a bunch of posts scheduled so I don't have to worry if I don't have time one day.  This will also help with my motivation because once I miss a day I tend to just give up for the month which is a bad attitude to have about it.  I will still make sure I value quality over quantity.

4. Improve at dance- I'd love to be in all the highest levels by the time I'm a senior.
     I won't miss classes for no reason and when I'm at class I'll focus and work my ass off.  After class, I will write down any corrections I received and make sure I think about them before my next class so I won't have to get a correction multiple times.

That's all.  Four isn't too bad, right?  Now we'll see how well I do.

Happy New Year!


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