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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sew Nauti Embroidered Halloween Bag

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Halloween Candy Bags Embroidered

We're super excited for Halloween!  Although we're not quite sure what we're going to be yet, we know we'll definitely be toting these cute bags for candy.

Candy Corn Embroidered Halloween Candy Bag

They're handmade and feature cute embroidery!  I love these little candy corns.

Halloween Canvas and Burlap Candy Bags

Plus you get to choose between burlap and canvas for the bag.

Model Status Fall Halloween Candy Apple Embroidered Canvas Bag Cute Scarf

Plus, when you inevitably wind up carrying your child's candy (and stealing a few here or there, they probably won't notice) you can still totally rock it!

If you're the one at home handing out candy to all the trick-or-treat-ers you can use this awesome basket.

Are you as excited for Halloween as we are?

Cassi & Katie

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